The Informants

Our Style Informants are more than just partners; they are trendsetters, influencers, and mavens of all things style. 

They have a keen eye for furniture and home decor and love sharing their unique perspective and fabulous taste with their audiences. Together, we are creating a community of style lovers and making great style accessible to everyone.

Judy Dill

Judy is the creator of the home and lifestyle blog/IG Life Is Better At Home. She is known for her classic, elegant style and her audience looks to her for seasonal decorating and home decor trends, thrifted finds, healthy living, fashion and travel.

Whether it’s sharing something new for the home, an innovative lifestyle product or service, a favourite fashion find, or a travel adventure, Judy always puts her charming and aesthetic spin on it to make it truly stand out. She lives in the Vancouver, Canada area with her husband of 25 years, daughter, son and fur baby Kellogg. 

Stephen Tracey

Stephen Tracey is a chameleon actor, able to transform himself into any character. From a closeted teacher in Anne With An E to a space pirate in The Expanse, he's done it all.

Fans fell in love with his portrayal of Mr. Phillips and Stephen's star continues to rise, with a season-long role on CBS's Good Sam. Trained at the prestigious National Theatre School, he's set to appear in Megan Follows' upcoming Stealing The Sky and stars in A Hundred Lies alongside Rob Raco and Brandon McKnight.

Christine Kissick

Christine Kissick is an Ontario-based home decor content creator who embraces slow design because “home takes time.

Christine would describe her style as transitional as she loves to
mix old and new furniture and decor. You can mostly find her at thrift stores and antique
markets in her spare time hunting for that perfect piece. Christine believes that mixing vintage
and antique pieces with modern touches throughout the home creates depth and character,
and makes a home feel more personalized, cozy and lived-in. You can find Christine at

Lora Currie

Lora is a proud Mum to three and her fur babe, Mr.B.  She has spent the last 20 years married to her biggest cheerleader, John. 

She lives by the seasons! In the Summer, she spends most of her time either in the water or working by the water.  During the Winter, you will find her cozy by the fire with her family and a glass of wine.  She absolutely loves to  host and entertain guests throughout the year. This fuels her passion for styling & decorating her own home, as well as helping clients create a space they adore. She loves photography and uses these skills to style and photograph her own content. 


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