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Finn Sling Chair - Cream

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Product Overview

With its laid-back, low-slung vibes and a bourbon-colored wood frame that screams "classy, not stuffy," Finn is the epitome of modern chill.


This throwback chair brings together the best of both worlds: the nostalgia of yesteryear with the trendiness of today. It's like your favorite vintage tee and a pair of designer jeans had a baby, and named it Finn.


But what really sets Finn apart is its modern low and deep sit. Perfect for those days when you want to slouch stylishly or lounge like a pro, this chair's design invites you to get cozy and stay awhile. Whether you're diving into a riveting novel or sipping a glass of pinot, Finn will make sure you're doing it in utmost comfort—and style.


So if you're looking to up your lounge game while keeping it effortlessly cool, let Finn slide into your living space. Your other furniture might get a touch jealous, but hey, comfort's gotta have a name, right? And that name is Finn.

Box 1: 37.5"W x 31.25"D x 27.25"H
Assembly Required: No